Saturday, May 31st 2014, Visit the Mennonite Colony and the Hospital

We got to sleep in a little bit this morning. Once we were up, we made our way to a Mennonite Colony about 2 hours outside of town. We visited a friend of the bus driver’s to see how the individuals in the Mennonite Colony live. It was very ironic, however that once we were introduced to the individuals on the farm we found out that the dad of the family is originally from Manitoba, Canada. We later discovered that one of our travellers, Scott, was distantly related to them. They showed us around their farm and explained a lot about their way of life. After saying goodbye to our new friends we headed to the little down of peilon to eat lunch in the town square before returning to Santa Cruz. While we were there a group of locals came up and sang local music for us. It was quite the experience. We then packed up and headed to the Santa Cruz Hospital that our new friend Gheorghe works at. Gheorghe gave us a tour of the hospital, and explained the work that he does. While we were there nurses and doctors were coming up to him asking him to take their patients to his shelters.  After leaving the hospital we headed back to Shelter #2 to give our friends that helped us paint a present for their help. They were so excited they jumped up and down and put all of their belongings inside the backpacks we gave them. We then later went to an Indian Restaurant for a wonderful supper.

IMG_2467 IMG_2453