Saturday, May 4, 2013 – Visit to St. Anne Orphanage. Construction is about to start on the classrooms

I made a visit to the new site of the classroom building at St. Anne’s  Orphanage. We met with the owners and told them that I was confident that the students and the Huether family will partner in this project.  They are very thankful.    Some of the team members are meeting with the kids for a picnic today and I will send some pictures from that in a few days. This is a great place for a visit – easy access, safe and lots kids can do.

Ed Morris ABW project Manager on site with Owner/Operator of St. Anne’s – Irene.  We are ready to start the nursery school building project.


Entrance under construction


Thanks to Lindsey of “With our own two hands” who is making a new building possible for the orphanage


The owners  – Irene and Ayub