Saturday – Monday, October 21 – 23, 2017: Wrapping up Kenya and off to Rwanda

After a great and safe trip in Kenya, we are now at the Nairobi airport heading to Rwanda.

The last two days we spent sightseeing and meetings with our partners. Today was a full travel day from the Mara to Kigali.

Some of the highlights of the past few days.

Bush Lunch as we traveled:

Arrived at our peace and quiet place in the Mara Serena for some rest:

We had a nice breakfast along the river where we saw a hippo protecting her baby from the crocodile:

Driver appreciation evening was held where each driver is thanked by each van group. The Bontje van put on a skit:

Some of our group left yesterday and the rest of us are boarding our plane to Nairobi:

The Legacy Trip was organized to show our most dedicated philanthropists, their families, and friends the work of A Better World. Legacy Circle members comprise 60 people who have given over 12 million dollars to A Better World.

On this trip, we had 6 Legacy members; more than half have traveled to see their money at work. This year alone, 12 legacy members have traveled and donated over one million dollars. (Missing in the picture: Dale Russell and Eric Rajah)

Gord Bontje, Marcel Paquin, Rick Wiebe, Peter Lacey, and Andrew Wiebe:

We are thankful that we avoided the election issues in Kenya. We are now boarding for Kigali.