Saturday, November 1, 2014 – Why you shouldn’t go for a walk in the Masai Mara if your van breaks down

Today was a day off for all of us. A time to rest and reflect. Tomorrow most will begin their journey back home.

In the afternoon we went out for a leisurely drive.  It is not a good idea to go for a walk if your van breaks down.


Towards sun down we went up a hill and had our driver appreciation evening.

Everyone performed a skit and or song to express their appreciation for the driving.

Peter and Kathy Lacey, hosts of the trip and Don and Roxane Bell, cofounder of WestJet sang for Benson.


A skit by Rob Saik, Lori Rosehill and Sharon Wiebe performed a skit to illustrate the driving of Charles


At our meeting people shared their experience and described the trip as

”The model of ABW is working to help many”  – Mike Moller

“Only way to see and experience Africa is to travel with A Better World.” Dennis



Tomorrow most will go back to Canada and or other places.  A group of 8 will be heading with me to Rwanda.  I will then return and meet up with 38 members of the Medical team arriving on November 5.