Saturday, October 28, 2017 – Our last day in Kigali. Why are the streets all empty this morning?

Our last day in Kigali was spent reflecting on some of the great things and sad things that happen here. On the last Saturday morning of each month, the whole country has to engage in community clean-up and/or volunteer to help someone. Everything is closed until noon and police are on the road turning back non-emergency travel. There are some exceptions. Everyone who comes here knows that the entire country is clean.

Here is the Kigali City Hall.

Busy intersection with no traffic on clean-up day.

A visit to the Genocide Memorial. Remembering the almost 1 million people killed.

Walking around the memorial gardens and into the open graves where bodies are preserved as a reminder.

Antonia, an Italian nurse and nun, saved hundreds from being killed but eventually, she too was killed while protecting others.

The Kigali group of 13 now boarding our flight to Amsterdam and then on to various cities in Canada. 28 hours later we will land.