School Partnerships

It’s important to get kids involved in service work and we want to help your students do that! We’d love to visit you, help you find a project to ‘adopt’ and share volunteer and travel opportunities.

School Visits

Our communications intern, Cheyanne, would love to come visit your school and discuss civic engagement and responsibility, inequality, development, sustainability, the impact of humanitarian service and the work done by A Better World around the globe. We can tailor the visit for elementary, middle and high school, as well as university students. Have a presentation for a specific class, or for the whole school!

To book a visit, please email


Teaching children to invest in helping others is an invaluable lesson. None of the development work can be done without funding and your students can help with that. There are lots of opportunities to fundraise for development work around the world. Schools and/or classrooms can ‘adopt’ a project and either fully or partially fund it. Your students will be able to see the impact of their work!

If you’d like to start a fundraising campaign, please contact Cheyanne at and she will help you find a project that matches your interest. You can also see a list of the current projects that are in need of your support below.

Volunteer and Travel

One of the best ways to help students learn about the value of service is for them to serve right in their own communities. We encourage you to volunteer with your students in their immediate surroundings, perhaps tutoring younger students in their own school, shoveling driveways for houses around the school or collecting necessities for the homeless in the city. While A Better World primarily functions in developing countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Afghanistan and Bolivia, there will occasionally be opportunities to volunteer with A Better World here in Canada. If you would like to be notified of local volunteer opportunities for your students, please email and Cheyanne will keep you informed.

For students age 18 and older, A Better World offers the opportunity to travel to various project sites in developing countries through the program Tomorrow’s EDGE. Students will learn about development and sustainability in a hands-on environment, seeing the projects and the effects of humanitarian work for themselves. The EDGE program also offers internship and training opportunities, support to attend conferences, and the guidance necessary to launch their own humanitarian projects. To apply for Tomorrow’s EDGE, please email

“The willingness to serve makes you a better person… and the world a better place.”

– Anonymous