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Greeting friends!
Over the last year we have been working diligently to cast vision for the future of the mission. We are so excited to share about our latest developments and the progress taking place through Segera Mission. First, the new HEALTHCARE CENTER is set to open by the end of next month! This new facility will help us serve and grow our in-patient and out-patient work. While the mission has been serving and meeting a completely unmet need in our region, developing a newer, larger facility will allow us to better serve and care for the needs of the children, youth, and adults in our area.

While I was at the mission last week, a pregnant mother of twins went into pre-term labor. She was a short distance away when the emergency call came to our staff. We sent the vehicle to bring her to our clinic where we quickly assessed the situation and knew she needed medical care that we were not able to provide. I am so grateful that our team was there, but the reminder that we are unequipped to meet some of our more challenging medical cases is just one of the reasons why we are eager to complete our new developments. Our new facility will put us in a new place to bring in doctors, have more space to house patients, and meet the needs of our population. After a 45-minute bumpy drive, our staff was able to transport the mother to the nearest healthcare facility. We are happy to report the mother and babies are stable and doing well!

We also recognized over the last few years the need to better house mission teams, guests and others who want to see the mission and partner with our work. The ability to house folks adequately was in desperate need of updating… After months of planning, we have officially broken ground on our new guesthouse!

With all the new developments taking place, we are proud to be able to employ 50 men in construction for the last several months! The impact of creating jobs and economic development is so great to be a part of.

We are asking you to join us as a financial partner during this vital time. We are solutions based and work to create a long-term sustainable model that will serve the community we love well. Will you join us?

Your one-time and monthly gifts make a huge impact by serving the needs of our community.

When you give:
• $30- supports clean water for our community
• $50- supports a month of school for a child
• $100- provides healthcare support for a family

Please consider making a monthly pledge to support our on-going work.

Josh Dorrell
Executive Director
Segera Mission


Dorrell Family

On a personal note, it was a joy to bring my whole family with me to Segera Mission. Three incredible weeks in Kenya of serving with my family and showing them the community, the culture, the joy, and the life that is taking place will be a great delight I carry with me for years to come