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“A Better World wants to foster that energy and enthusiasm into the generation of social leaders for tomorrow”


Tomorrow’s Edge. Students Today Leaders Tomorrow

Tomorrow’s Edge is for students and youth between the ages of 17 and 25

Today’s youth are perhaps more than any previous generation interested in international justice and global issues. A Better World wants to foster that energy and enthusiasm into the generation of social leaders that will do more to accomplish global health, equality and peace than any generation before. Our youth division, Tomorrow’s Edge, informs youth about global issues, assists them to travel internationally to gain firsthand experience, and teaches them skills such as fundraising and international project management to equip them to achieve change. It also provides annual scholarships for students to travel and learn about international development.

Tomorrow’s Edge, led by a panel of youth and volunteer mentors with A Better World, initiates and helps organize committees and groups at universities, colleges and high schools that wish to be involved internationally. Program leaders educate students about A Better World and help them choose projects to focus on. Through A Better World’s volunteers, the students can learn more about the project they have chosen, what the immediate needs are, and what can be done to create sustainable improvement. With guidance from Edge, the school-based organizations can experience both fundraising and educating the general public about poverty in developing nations. Tomorrow’s Edge, through A Better World, will organize safe, affordable travel groups to allow students to visit their projects and see how much difference their work has accomplished. This in turn leads to more enthusiasm at those schools to adopt more projects and become even more involved in global equality.

  • Enabled to identify and implement solutions to social problems both locally and globally.
  • Determined to use their education, passion, imagination, and optimism to make a better world.
  • Giving, through commitment to community and international outreach volunteerism and/or philanthropy.
  • Empowered to make meaningful vocational and career decisions.

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The best way to see your investment in action is to visit the project and interact with people directly. Visiting a community project builds trust in the investment and allows us to discover and solve real inhibitors to success.

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