Sunday 13th: Team Green in Sweetwater Safari

Day 12

Team Green has had a day to explore our local surroundings with gusto. Many of our local friends and associates take today as a family day and we more than respect that. Therefore we began the day in a range rover and set off for Sweetwater Safari which is located between Nanyuki and Segera, we will go from good roads to the deeply rutted, potentially vehicle disappearing vehicle roads.

Part of the Sweetwater includes the collection of chimpanzees which  were part of the studies of Jane Goodall in Rwanda. At the commencement of the Rwandan war, the chimpanzees were moved to Kenya to ensure their safety. This good work is continued here in Kenya, as the numbers of chimpanzees continues to decline as poachers maintain their terrible work.

We saw over 15 of the amazing animals here in Kenya, including rhino (both white and black), lion, giraffe, Cape buffalo, elephant. Our driver added a special moment where the fellows had to help push our rover from a wet passage.

It was a magical day in Kenya for our pure enjoyment and we benefit  greatly from the work of this type of conservation work.

Respectfully, Annelise (Nanyuki, Kenya)