Sunday, February 15, 2015 – Dental clinic for children a EAMO

Today was a full day of clinic at EAMO.  Children were screened for a visit with the dental team – it can be a scary experience.



Irene from St. Ann brought 7 children.  She is holding on to one



7 children from St. Ann




February 15, 2015

By: Leanna Grinde

Last night was quite frightening.  Around 3:00am, we were awoken by noises outside our hotel.  There was yelling, screaming, and laughing.  Later on we learned that there is a club just by our hotel, so it was just some partiers.  But in my bed, in the dark, awoken from my sleep, I had convinced myself that there was a terrorist attack taking place right next to our hotel.  Funny how darkness can make you think the worst about a situation.

We arrived at EAMO this morning and set up clinic.  In the morning, we did dental work on the EAMO kids, then in the afternoon we worked on the kids we had screened from St. Ann’s.  I saw 6 EAMO kids and 2 St. Ann’s kids.  They are mostly all well-behaved.  However they are kids, and kids in general have a hard time sitting still.  Pedo days at the school clinic are always challenging.  This was as well, only we were seeing 8 kids instead of 1 (we only see 1 kid a day at Edmonton Clinic).   Some seemed to have a profound fear of needles, or even just going to see the dentist.  One girl that I saw from St. Ann’s spent 1/2 an hour crying while waiting in line.  Then when we tried to put her in the chair, she would not let go.  We really had to work hard to get her to calm down.  We tried to desensitize her by giving her a toy monkey, holding her in our laps, blowing up a glove as a balloon, and showing her everything that we were doing.  Her mouth had so much caries that we decided it would be best to have her visit the hospital and have work done under a GA.  Even though we didn’t do any work on her, I feel like we still did some good by getting her to feel comfortable in a dental chair.

We ate lunch at the EAMO dining hall again.  We shared our food, and I tried some of their food — ugali and cabbage.  It was actually really tasty.

At the end of the day, Lawrence brought the 3 watches that I had requested he buy.  They were 900 shillings all together, which I paid him back for.  Two of my pals I could not find so I gave their watches to Maurice (a staff member at EAMO).  But I saw Aaron at the end of the day and gave him his watch.  He is kind of my favorite little dude!

Tomorrow we journey to the Sopa Center.  We hope to leave early enough (7:30am) to be able to set up our clinic tomorrow night so that we can be ready early the next morning.  I can’t believe the time is going by so quickly!

Useku mwema (good night)!