Sunday, February 25, 2018 – An Inspiring visit to the Lamu School for children with mental challenges (Eric’s Trip Blog)

It was inspiring to see the progress and the government partnership with A Better World at the school.

The government is investing to make this a model school for the county and the country. Children are happy and many needed services are being provided.

The Government has built a dormitory that will be opened. ABW will supply the beds and furnishings. This will also be an integrated dormitory. Able-bodied children and children with disabilities.

The government has given laptops and a computer lab. Our share is the furniture.

Last year we wired the school for electricity and now the government has brought power.

A German company has agreed and will begin drilling a water well next week and also build a reverse osmosis plant. The water will also be sold to the community.

Children accepted by the community and have access to many services.

Two great people who run the operations are Mr. Bute (right) Headteacher who lives on the compound and the Board Chair Mr. Omar. Both have been there more than 15 years. The staff are also dedicated and work under some challenging conditions.

Out of the beautiful island of Lamu after 24 hours.

Thank you Gord and Kathy for your dedication to these children.