Sunday, July 13, 2014 – Lamu Mentally handicapped children enjoy a better life

Today we visited the Lamu school for mentally handicapped children.  This school continues to make incredible progress.  Keith Leavitt wanted to follow up from the workshop that Mr. Bute attended in Kericho.  We have also started a renovation project of some classrooms and buildings so we went to review the progress.

Our journey begins by boat with Keith being carried into the boat.


Joining us today is Samira, Aisha and Amma with me from the boat into the back of the pickup truck from the jetty to the school.


The renovation of the old admin building which will become the new assessment centre.  This will be the centre to assess all disabilities of children in this area.


New mattresses and bed sheets are in place.  For some reason the girls dorm has the blue bed sheets and the boys dorm has the pink bed sheets.



A new laptop and printer was also given and Keith spent time with some of the teachers and the head teacher.


We always find some time to play with the children



Aisha was happy to see what is happening in her own backyard.