Sunday, July 6, 2014 – The first steps towards a pediatric physiotherapy center

This morning we went to Kendu Bay.  25 years ago, when A Better World was founded, it was here that we started our first project.  The project was to provide corrective surgery for children with club foot. Over the years many partners joined in to help.  As of this year over 10,000 surgeries have been completed.  The visionary behind this achievement was Dr. Ken Hill.  He and his wife Hazel dedicated their lives to this end.  Today, Karen Leung (Hill), their daughter, is directing the program and ABW now supports two additional locations.

The purpose of this visit was to plan the building of a Pediatric Physiotherapy Center at the Kendu Bay Hospital.  This will be dedicated to Dr. Ken and Hazel Hill by his family as well as mark 25 years of a ABW work in Kenya.  Recently ADRA Finland completed a new surgical facility for orthopedic surgery. This centre will enhance the post-surgery care and rehab services for both in and out patients.


Dr. Ken Hill (above)   Original site where the work started (below)


Children under care now


Karen (Hill) Leung and Joanne Rowland

Karen Leung

Inspecting the new site with ABW contractors and hospital CEO


ABW Project Leader and builder – Patrick Amoke