Sunday, June 25, 2017 – Leaving Tanzania

We left early this morning from Korugwe towards the airport about 5 hours away with two stops to visit possible projects.

The first was at the Semkiwa Secondary School where the parents believe in education for girls and have volunteered and contributed to building this dorm to this point. The local MP to the right Mary Chatanda is very much in tune for education and especially for getting girls into school.

Our next stop was at Mkomazi Secondary School where a lab is needed. Again, the parents and community have done almost half of the work. They are requesting help to finish this.

In almost all of the projects we visited, it was amazing to see how much the community is doing to improve their lives. It is a great opportunity to partner with them and encourage them.

We arrived at the airport lodge by 3 PM and have 3 hours before we need to check in.

It was a great trip and a lot was accomplished in short time. – Eric