Sunday, June 29, 2014 – School Evaluation Trip to Kenya

The School Evaluation Committee trip begins today with Keith Leavitt

Keith Leavitt, Education Director for A Better World, and Eric Rajah, Co-founder will be in Kenya for an evaluation of the schools A Better World supports. Ten schools will be evaluated in various areas; enrolment, teacher training, student performance, facilities, cleanliness, ratios of boys to girls, student teacher ratio and other data will be gathered. The purpose of these evaluations is to plan our intervention more effectively and assess the impact we are having.  We want to identify areas that can be improved.

The process will begin with about 40 people from the schools in a workshop setting.  This workshop is designed to receive input from the schools and help them envision the future of Education for their community.

Each school will be represented by the head teacher, deputy head teacher, school board chairman and the treasurer.  The Ministry of Education officers will also be present.


Keith Leavitt demonstrating in the Sogobet school