Sunday March 26th, 2023: 5 School Visits, Cultural Exchanges, Singing & Dancing

We said goodbye to the hippos and zebras this morning and headed off to do a couple school visits. Did I say a couple? I meant five!

We were so thrilled to engage with the students and staff of each school, and they were undeniably just as eager! We were met with singing and dancing at the gates of each school and a warmth that couldn’t be attributed to the weather. On a Sunday when most Kenyan’s are in church, these students, families and administrators took the time to come celebrate with us.

Our PAA students we challenged to see themselves in everyone they interacted with today, engage meaningfully and intentionally with strangers, and acknowledge and let go of their judgments and preconceptions. We experienced the most beautiful exchange of culture and appreciation as our students performed for and socialized with the Kenyan students, who also performed for us!

Seeing the fruit that the generosity of so many A Better World donors has resulted in, inspired students to make humanitarianism a lifelong practice. We cannot wait to see the classrooms we built tomorrow!


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