Sunday, May 12, 2013 – Mother’s Day in Ndanai: celebrating the caring spirit of mothers in Kenya

Instead of a Mother’s Day brunch today, our mission for mothers in our group was to cook a nice meal and bring some happiness to 40 disabled children most without mothers.

Our day began by shopping at the road side market for vegetables and fruit


Mm mm no can opener?


Bernard Opiyo introduced us to the children that had recently undergone surgery an showed us the progress they are making.

It was very rewarding for all.


Plenty of water tanks are now installed since the drilling of a well.  Pipe lines are already installed for 5 collection points for the community. The principal made an interesting observation.  She sad that we had come to help the disabled children and because of them the entire community is being blessed.  The community now looks upon the disabled as a blessing and not as a curse.


We are a year late in completing the 8 classrooms. Rain had halted construction, lack of availability of lumber and poor workmanship.  After our visit in January, we put a serious challenge to the community and the contractor and hired a site manager and engineer to oversee the work.  The good news is we are on track.  All aspects of the work is going well.  Thanks to Ed Morris of Red Deer, David, site manager and Joseph, engineer for moving this forward.


Ed, David and Joseph


The next major challenge was flooding of the girls and boys dormitory and the sewer back up.  Thankfully a few days without rain is moving this work forward very nicely.  A new drainage system, sewer system, sidewalks and a cement padded play area will keep the disabled children’s home dry.  You need to be here to experience the rains which we have had to deal with all week.


It was nice to have a crew of plumbers, builders, carpenters and electricians to look over the work and make some suggestions


In the smoke filled  Kitchen the mothers were at work while Mary Lou was still looking for a can opener to open 10 cans of spaghetti sauce.  Eventually a knife was the solution


Luann had the great idea of serving popcorn and made it in a pot. It was a big hit with the kids and the Canadians.


Here are all the mothers from our group with the Kenyan mothers who made and served the meal


It was a great day as we ended with reading of stories and blowing bubbles with the children