Sunday, March 15, 2015 – Visiting Segera and enjoyed an incredible game drive

This morning most went for a game drive. After breakfast all of the luggage was sorted for our project visit.  By lunch, the other 5 people from our team joined us. They were in Nairobi for an extra night.

Our visit to Segera Mission was very touching.  There has been no rain since I visited last November.  The river is at its lowest point.  The garden has not been planted.

 Jenna visits with children at Segera Mission


ABW completed classrooms


4 more classrooms under construction


Feeding the Rhino


A 2 week old baby rhino learning to graze


Mike and Sandi are hoping the elephants will not get any closer


Everyone is getting to bed early to fight off jet lag. An exciting day is planned for tomorrow.