Sunday, May 19, 2013 – Another great trip ends and the group is on its way back to Canada

This afternoon it was back on the boat to the Manda airstrip to fly to Nairobi and then on to Canada. Some via London and some via Amsterdam.

Yesterday the Olds College Agriculture team departed after a very successful trip.

Helga with Captain abdul sailing to the airport


At the new Lamu airport some final thoughts


Departing from Nairobi


It was a fantastic trip.  Mission of assembling and delivering bikes was accomplished.  A dream since 2009 for Melissa and Kelly came true.

A diverse group got together so well and supported every aspect of the planned activities  Even when things were not going so well they patiently worked through the hurdles and were always a joy to be around. New friendships and memories will last a life time.  Thank you to each one of you for coming.

Thank you for  reading the blogs and keeping us in your prayers for safety and the success of our mission.

Tomorrow afternoon our trip to Afghanistan will begin.