Sunday, May 26, 2013 – Grand Opening of Tunika High School in Northern Afghanistan

Another school was opened today in the Sherberghan District in Northern Afghanistan.  We assembled at the Ministry of Education office with full security and medial people.  This area is considered a little bit less secure because it is rural and no one knows if there is Taliban presence in this area.  We have been there several times with full support from All went very smoothly.

Media were well represented. People need to know that we value education for the future said one of the journalists.

Media group at Ministry of Education before departing for the opening


Our very supportive deputy director of Education making last minute plans for the opening


Azalea is welcome and greeted by students and community


Azalea, Governor’s office and other dignitaries speech


A large tent was set up.  Media interviewing Azalea


Library is also opened at Tunika


Gail and her friends provided books and helped with the construction of the library along with other donors.  Gail sent stickers with names of students from Canada who helped raise funds for the books.  The stickers are being put on the books by the Afghan students.


Thanks to our major donors. We are very grateful for their support