Sunday, November 16, 2014 – Second day of clinic draws over 400 people in two clinics in the Masai Mara

Our medical team was back at it. As we arrived people were lined up again for services.



Val is kind to everyone she meets and gently keeps the crowd flowing



This is the first station, Kathy and Kelly get all the vitals before the patient sees the doctor.



Sandra is on the front lines ensuring everyone is registered. She is a bit overwhelmed at times as to how to get through all that are standing in line. She does a great job



A lunch break



Everyone pitches in as needed. Christina and Elise also look after the Agricultural Program and help with the clinic operation



Bob works a lot in the background, preparing pill bottles and doing maintenance. Today he is on the front lines directing patients to doctors.




Richard coordinates the flow of people very well. Lacombe Globe Reporter, Anna is reporting and writing stories about ABW Work



Another day of hard work for Dr. McIntyre