Sunday, November 17, 2013 – Visiting Kiprengwe and Ringa School

After several attempts on my previous visits to Kenya, we finally made it up the hill to Kiprengwe School

–          Yes we had to go by foot while the van made it with a few people


We reviewed the needs and assessed the Bike project initiated by the Calgary Group.  The plan is working well.  The grade 8 students have completed their exams and will be leaving school.  All of the bikes are now parked in a classroom to be reassigned next year.  We took some out to try.  They were in really good condition. Another pile of bikes need repairs and it will start in a few weeks.


The principal said that even kids in grade 1 know how to ride a bicycle and there were enough kids on hand to show us.  The neat thing was to see girls riding with confidence.  When we first delivered them the boys were all laughing at the girls.


We also visited the Ringa school to assess the needs for future development.

Rob Weich discussing the needs with the building committee chair


Carl Hahn is gathering information for  our web from the Principal.  We are pleasantly surprised to see how neat the classrooms and the compound


A stop for bargaining on soap stones – it was a lot of fun


We had MP Hon. Joseph Limo and Beatrice and their family for supper. They spoke to us about the successes and challenges in Kenya. The Govt. partners with us financially and today we were offered a substantial amount to develop projects in the area.


For those of you who know their children this is how they look like today