Sunday, November 2, 2014 – Executive group is now on board flight to Calgary

The trip went very well.  All are safely delivered to the airport and are heading home.

On the way to Nairobi we stopped for a great lunch packed by the Fairmont hotel.


Lori and Rob at the Rift Valley for an amazing view


At the moment I am waiting with 7 others to board a plane to Kigali, Rwanda.

I will be there for  2 days and the group will remain for 5 days.  I will be back to join the medical team of 38 arriving on November 4.  The new terminal at the Nairobi airport is now open and it is very nice and spacious.


Rick Wiebe is in Lodwar managing our Turkana project.  He called to say that he was sitting under the air condition unit. He too will be back to  Kenya to help with the medical team for the first week.


Drivers are taking a break and many of them will be joining us when the medical team arrives.


Other pictures from Peter Lacey

Saw a leopard pouncing on a tsavo cat


Stu and Jocelyn with Joseph Limo, MP.