Sunday, November 23, 2014 – Scoping new projects and meeting with officials in the Vuga district of Mombo

Our main job today is to get to the root of the water source for the Mombo villages.  The source is in the Vugo community which is off on another mountain with some walking to get there.  The local councillor and the engineer have agreed to meet and take us there. The off-roading on the steep mountain side is not my cup of tea but the beauty is tempting and the community fascinating so here we are on these roads and thank goodness it is dry as a little rain and a slide means down the mountain we go. This is where Rama grew up. So it is even more interesting as people know his family.

 The walking begins with Mr. Hashin, councillor


The source is not looking good – dirty water and washing clothes and animal waste upstream. 7 miles of piping has not been laid as a consultant intervened since our last trip and is requesting that we divert the pipe to another source. The ladies in the village are worried as this is their only source of water. They think I have come to divert the water.  The councillor assures them that they will also get clean water.  He is amazing. His goal is clean water for every household (500 homes) piped with a tap. He has done 200 already. I cannot believe what I am seeing.  Lots of clean water from mountain streams.


We walk a few kilometers to the clean water source that is already entering the pipe to another community. The councillor says that there is enough water for Mombo villages.  The problem is they need another 5 extra KM of pipeline to this clean source and a new 45,000 litre tank has to be built. The tank will cost $2,500 as all the materials are on hand but the pipeline is the issue. So another PPP (Public Private Partnership) needs to be looked at.


The tank is ready to be built


Here is the community clinic where we can do some minor upgrades, supply equipment and hold clinics.


Scoped another back up hotel in another town and began our drive back to Arusha

Tomorrow we will drive to Kenya.  Rama will park his vehicle at the Kenya/Tanzania border and our Kenya driver will meet us at the border and we will go to Nairobi.  Rama has some business to do there.  I will go on to Nakuru and then to another village in Kenya to look at some work we are doing there.


Many people travel a long and lonely road.  We want to make life better for them.

This lady is walking with some produce to a nearby market. It is about an 8 KM walk.  She will sell what she has for $2.00 and buy some oil, flour and kerosene. It is 37°C.  Should I have bought the produce and sent her home?