Sunday, November 9, 2014 – A day off / Featured Vans

Today everyone enjoyed a day off from clinic. Some sorted medicines, some went on game drives, some attended church and others updated patient records.


Drs. Len and Charlotte update clinical officer Juma on medical matters


Visit to the Chimp sanctuary and walking with them was fun


Anna Brooks, Lacombe Globe reporter feeds a Rhino


Paden followed after seeing that Anna was brave


I will try and feature a van or two on each blog

This is Van 1. Left to right: Kelly Kovacks, Orthopedic nurse, Charles our lead driver / guide for 16 years

Dr. Charlotte Foulston, Pediatrician, Medicine Hat. Drs. Paulette and Wayne Church, Medical team leaders, Red Deer.


Van #2

Sandra Northey, Red Deer. Benson Driver/guide 12 years, Dennis Hansberger, retired county officer, California, Dr. Karen Hansberger, Obstetrician, Juma Samperrrap, clinical officer, Kenya.