Sunday, October 16, 2016 – “You can do it” (part 2 in Ndanai)

Some of our group went on a tea factory tour and some of us went to Ikonge. Later, we all met in Ndanai – a home for disabled children.

We stopped at Ikonge to inspect the building and place the signs.

trip oct 2016 ikonge

Completed classrooms:

trip oct 2016 ikonge

Brian Leavitt with Deputy Head Teacher and local board member making future plans:

trip oct 2016 brian

Ndanai was a very special experience as always. First, we went to see the new classrooms that were finished

trip oct 2016 ndanai

We then spent time with the disabled children. We were watching Jefferson using the computer with his chin and a headlamp converted to a mouse. He has no use of his hands. “You can do it” was the message we left with the children here today.

trip oct 2016

The Limo family joined us for supper. Here is Hon. Joseph Limo, MP for this area and a longtime friend of A Better World. Keith and Brian Leavitt want jobs as bodyguards for the MP. They are practicing the pose.

trip oct 2016