Sunday, October 2, 2016 – Tulwap students no longer need to walk 10 km for high school

Today we left Nakuru and stopped at all the projects along the highway to Kericho. I visited completed projects and discussed with school boards their plans for the future. Next week when Brian Leavitt comes, he can review the construction. We made some significant changes in management of projects, required more involvement from parents, appointed an auditor to review all finances on a weekly basis, and positioned a new project manager. All of this has made a significant impact and resulted in great progress. Warren Schnoor manages these projects and will be pleased when he comes to see them.

Tulwap Secondary school project is complete:

tulwap sec trip sep 2016

Tulwap ECD:

tulwap ecd trip sep 2016

Inside Tulwap ECD:

tulwap ecd trip sep 2016

Tulwap ECD kitchen is nearing completion:

tulwap ecd trip sep 2016

Inside kitchen:

tulwap ecd trip sep 2016

Water tanks in place:

tulwap ecd trip sep 2016

Simotwet kitchen complete with stoves and ready to launch more classrooms:

simotwet trip sep 2016

At Sogobet, 3 classrooms are complete and a kitchen is under construction:

sogobet trip sep 2016

sogobet trip sep 2016

Kipkerimwo 4 classrooms complete and toilet construction will start shortly:

kipkeremwo trip sep 2016

Present toilets:

kipkeremwo trip sep 2016 toilet

We are implementing a project management/audit software. Giddy Bet (left) and Lawrence Mathea are entering data. All of this made for a long day and night! On the road again to Kendu Bay tomorrow

giddy lawrence trip sep 2016 data