Thursday, February 16, 2017 – Travel day and Tulwap

Today we began our journey to Kericho with the dental team. On the way, we stopped at Tulwap Primary and ECD School to visit the students and place the sign on the brand new kitchen sponsored by Joe and Linda Skwarchuk Family and Friends. The teachers are very grateful for the new kitchen; we came at lunch time and it was in full use.

For lunch, we met up with Beatrice Limo, the wife of local MP Joseph Limo. She organized a delicious meal at Ray’s Place right in the centre of green¬†tea fields.

Some mischievous monkeys were hanging around to see if they could swipe some food.

After lunch, Wil and Jacqui returned to Tulwap to continue research at Tulwap Secondary School. They saw the difference between the old classrooms and the new classrooms sponsored by Don and Roxane Bell and Family in partnership with MP Joseph Limo. The Deputy Headteacher at Tulwap Secondary emphasized the impact that the new classrooms have had, especially in increased enrolment. Pastor Ron and Eric went with the dental team to set up the clinic for the next several days in Kericho.