Thursday, February 23, 2017 – Talek and Sopa Clinics

Today we stopped at the Talek Clinic to see the dental team on their last day of clinic as well as to research the impact of the clinic and the medical tablet project. There was a meeting with John Sankok, the clinic director, about the new x-ray machine. Kaleena, an x-ray technician from Lethbridge, and Dr. Hill joined the meeting to discuss logistics and future planning.

The next stop was at the Sopa (Enkitoria) Clinic where we saw the great progress on the new 3-room clinic building. We interviewed 2 more tablet owners and finished up right as it started to rain.

Tomorrow, Eric and Pastor Ron will visit a few projects with Roger and Winston from the Rehab team. All 3 teams will be together in the evening again.