Thursday – Friday, February 16-17, 2017 – Training and assessment

We had arranged to meet with all the Homa Bay county physiotherapists on Friday. We had a tour of the new Physio therapy training program in Homa Bay and then Don presented a lecture on evaluation and treatment of the thoracic spine.

Today was also a special day for Nyaburi School as members of the Nairobi Rotary club paid a visit and made a donation of new wheelchairs and crutches. We were happy to join in the celebrations.

One of the surgery cases ABW paid for in November. Coming for therapy with Thomas 3/ weekly!

4 of the 6 new admissions to the Ndanai Small home. We had donated ankle splints we could provide for 2 of the recent surgeries in Nov. Also lots of cloth diapers for the bed wetters. Everyone here very grateful for the water ABW is providing to the community as there is a severe drought.

We spent Thursday at Kendu Adventist Hospital and Nyaburi School for the Physically Handicapped. Was good to meet up with Bernard, PT and Pamela PT assistant. Wanda and John had a tour of the classrooms, while Winston spent the day with maintenance staff fixing more toilets and sinks. Glad for the skills of all our team.