Thursday, July 10, 2014 – Progress made even when societies consider some children unworthy

(This took place on Monday, July 7)

Keith parted ways with Eric in Nyakoe and headed back to Kericho, visiting two schools along the way.  The first stop was at Ndanai Primary School – an exciting stop because of what is happening there.  On the same property as the school, there is a boarding facility for physically challenged children, all of whom are integrated into the regular school program.  All of this is happening in a society where children such as these are often considered unworthy of such consideration.  This facility is on the cutting edge of changing deeply ingrained attitudes about the underprivileged in society.  Keith was excited to speak to a wheelchair-bound young person who was a former resident of this home and is now completing teacher training, with the hope of returning one day to Ndanai Primary School to teach.


The second stop for the day was at Ikonge P.A.G. Primary School.  The staff at this school is serious about accepting the challenge to improve the academic performance of its students.  With the support of the parents, they have developed an aggressive study and remediation program for the students.  One component of this program is to have Standard (Grade) 7 and 8 students sleep overnight at the school in two classrooms so that they are able to study later at night and earlier in the morning, outside the regular classroom hours.  Keith is anxious to see the impact that this will have upon student government exam scores at the end of Standard 8.  The school’s long range plan is to build dormitories for the students.  During Keith’s visit, community volunteers were busy working on the foundation of the next classroom block that ABW is building at this location.  Partnership in action – what a wonderful sight!