Thursday, July 17, 2014 – Mombo Community Visit

We started our day early going downhill from our Mountain Cliff Lodge.  We are visiting the communities represented by the Mombo district council. We are doing an assessment of this community to determine how we could be of help. We look at the five areas of focus for our community development: Education, Health, Water, Agriculture and Income generation activities.

Our first stop is at the local clinic to determine how the community is being served. Dr. Juma is running this clinic to serve the community. We spent some time understating the various health systems and services available to the people.


Then to the local primary school. Everything is well kept and the students entertained us.


Parents and board members have joined us. Ray brought school supplies that were presented to Charles the head teacher by Rama, our local project manager.


We then went to the village where we  greeted each other and talked about the purpose of our visit.  Standing next to me is our local project manager Rama. He has done a great job organizing our visit and preparing the community and us for our meetings.


The community gathered for dialogue.


The community then selected their key leaders to meet with us in this meeting hall.


It was very special to see the multi tribal unity that exists in the community.


The five key leaders represented 2,900 people from five communities.  We did some brain storming and shared our philosophy of community development and also listened and learned about their needs and priorities.


The five key leaders from each of the community who will make up the development council:


In attendance were also government representatives and council members.


Once priorities were established we went to see the community-donated land for various projects


It was a very productive day with a lot of possibilities to help a very needy community.