Thursday, July 18, 2013 – In Lodwar, Northern Kenya – planning for 28 Rotarians to arrive in October

I am on my last day of project visit.  Lodwar is in Northern Kenya and borders three countries – Uganda, Sudan and Ethiopia.  A tribe called the Turkana live in this very dry and dusty area.  This town has no paved road.  About five years ago, Rick Wiebe of Carpet Colour drilled a water well.  Two years ago he decided to revisit this project and now a school has been built in partnership with the Lacombe Rotary Club.  I am here to see the project and make sure that it is on schedule for opening on October 23 and to plan the logistics of the trip in this remote region.

It takes about 2 hours to fly from Nairobi.


Hotels are very limited here to host a group.  Last time Rick and I were here we decided to name the place Snake Lodge.  I will refrain from saying why.  We are lucky to have this Catholic Centre that can host all of us and I am happy to be here tonight.

In this dry and barren land is this beautiful and peaceful retreat centre nestled among 25 acres of greenery.  We have paid for all 28 so we have a guaranteed booking.  The fights are also full so that has also been paid.


Nice walkways


After checking in I made a visit to the site.  The weather here is 40C plus but this evening it has dropped to 27C with a nice breeze.  The project is nearing completion and will be done in a few weeks.

Classrooms and Administration block with Patrick the contractor.

Dining and Kitchen block


They will graduate from this bathroom ….


To this one


Rick, our trees are struggling to grow.  May be it does not know my real name. You and I have two new last names. They have your last name mixed  up with the singer Justin.


The water well is pumping steadily.  According to our contractor people come at 6 AM and it goes non-stop until 6 PM.

500 households approximately 2500 people a day benefit from this.


It will be an eye opening trip for all of us to see this region.