Thursday, July 3, 2014 – 55 School Administrators attend educational workshop

Keith Leavitt, Education Director and board member for A Better World and Professor at Canadian University College, was leading the workshop today for 55 Administrators from the schools ABW has built and supports in the Kericho region.  We also had school representatives from the Masai Mara and as far away as Lamu (1,050 km by road over 2 nights of travel) attend this workshop.

We invited the head teacher, deputy, chairman and school treasurer from each school.  We also have members from the education office. Beatrice Limo, ABW local representative and wife of the area MP, is also here. Four members from the district education office also participated.

Our primary objectives were:

a)    Helping school leaders envision the future of education for their community.

b)    Laying out expectations from ABW and discussing what is realistic and how we can achieve that.  The topics range from academic performance, teacher training and facility maintenance and cleanliness.

c)     Gathering a 5 year base line data on each of our schools to determine if our intervention is making a difference and to plan our future intervention more carefully.

As always, Keith was well prepared and presented an effective workshop with a lot of interaction.


Joseph introduced new technology for students. Students can now do practice exams using a cell phone.

We are also equipping each school with a laptop and a multifunction printer.


A group activity on problem solving


Four members from the District Education office also attended. Left – Beatrice Limo, facilitator; right Keith Leavitt, Presenter:


Head teachers of our schools:


The entire group:


Each participant received a certificate. We also learned what things these educators value most.