Thursday, July 4, 2013 – Training at the Ringa School and Table Banking

Another great day is what everyone said about their visit to the Ringa School.  Teacher training took place much like it did yesterday at the Sogobet School.

Kathy, Samantha and Jess helping in the nursery school


Ronda and Kalista helping in another classroom


Candi and Ingrid


Sue and Shelley


Another team went to see the Table Banking that is creating a lot of jobs and seeing how our loan program is working.

Merle Jacobson, COO of AFSC was leading this team and getting the details


100 farmers are now growing passion fruit as a result of our investment

Ron, a farmer from Lethbridge is speaking to a group of growers


On the way back we saw this scene.  The driver missed the detour sign and went right into this. The main road was being cut out for a bridge . Apparently the driver walked away with minor scratches