Thursday, March 10, 2016 – Heartbreaking choices the poor have to make

Today’s lesson for our students was to learn how cultural traditions, economic barriers, and religious beliefs lead to heartbreaking choices for the poor. Our students met children that were kept hidden because they were disabled. They met a disabled child from one family. The economic reality is where children will be most productive and it will be those children that will be sent to school. The disabled children are a liability and are often kept hidden. Thanks to the vision of Ken Hill and founding donors Arni and Elvine Skoretz, Gord and Kathy Bontje, Dale and Majella Russell, today thousands of children have been provided with the opportunity for surgery and rehabilitation in one of three centres supported by A Better World.


The students learned the local way of preparing meals in a wood stove for 65 disabled children at our facility. Principal Dean McInnis was the Chief Chef assisted by students in the foods program at their school.


Peeling 50kg of potatoes with a not so sharp knife! Do I deserve this!


A meal was prepared and served to the children who live at the Ndanai centre.


Justus provided an overview of the rehabilitation program.


Our toilet campaign has yielded some incredible results in many schools. 20 toilets were completed at the Ndanai School.


We ended the day with a performance for the students.