Thursday, May 16, 2019 – Project visits to Keringet, Tulwap and the Ringa Secondary School lab

It was great to see the progress at the Keringet School. Especially to see the new and old schools side by side. This is entirely being developed by Sierra Contract flooring Ltd. and Marcel Paquin of Edmonton.

There are still 8 more new classrooms to build.

Old Classrooms

New Classrooms

The teachers are amazing here. They have taken the rusted iron sheets from the old roof and are building themselves rooms to live next to the school.  How dedicated can these people be.  These are one room houses with a common kitchens, a bed with a screen, a living area and a common kitchen. There are even 2 children living here.

Tulwap school changes are amazing as well.  Both the secondary school and the primary School is developing very nicely.

Water, dining hall and kitchen

Secondary school

Ringa Secondary School Science Lab is starting to take shape