Thursday, May 29th 2014 AMe Bolivia Shelter 2

Today we headed to the AMe Bolivia shelter to continue our work painting the walls. We had multiple helpers from the shelter that were ecstatic to grab a paint brush and join in. After a couple of discussions on how to make the paint stick to the humid walls, we were on our way. The weather was beautiful! A couple of our travellers can even say they are a bit sun kissed. Luke and Scott helped our translator fix his motorcycle. He was so excited and said that hearing the engine roar was like music to his ears. Jessica and Angela went on an adventure with Gheorghe through the city to visit the other shelter. When they returned Jessica made banana muffins for everyone while we continued to paint. After a day of work we went back to our hotel, cleaned up, and headed out to a traditional Bolivian restaurant. It was quite the adventure!  Some of our travellers ventured out and tried some very interesting authentic Bolivian food. Other members of our group stuck to the very adventurist staple food we have been eating- papas fritas! (French fries). We returned to the hotel and crashed  into bed. Hasta mañana