Thursday, May 30, 2013 – Visiting EAMO and St. Anne’s on my second round to Kenya

We arrived in Kenya  at 7 AM from Afghanistan today and headed straight to Nakuru. I didn’t have time to wrap up some things both at EAMO and St. Anne’s before I left for Afghanistan.  I will be here for a few more days before going home.

St. Anne’s children are moved into their new place.  It is so much better and spacious.  Thanks to Lindsey, of “With our Own Two Hands” group for this wonderful gift.  ABW will partner on water and building a nursery school on the premise both for the community and the orphans. My visit here was to work on those items.

The nine children sponsored by ABW for schooling were returning home – they are all in grade 1 and spend about 9 hours in school. The school van picks them and drops them off.  New home in the back.


The nursery kids were napping after lunch


Our next stop was at  EAMO. It was a bit late and some kids were about to sleep.  I came here to look at the dining hall renovation and talk to some students going on to University soon.

Jimmy and Walter are two who will go to University this fall.  We are looking for sponsors for them.


It was time to say goodnight after an all-night flight.