Thursday, May 9, 2013 – Bike testing day at schools

By 8 AM the bike crew had completed 20 bikes for a small group to do a trail run at the schools


Each assembly team was paired with a local person to learn the skills


Bikes were ready for the experimental day at the schools


We made it up this hill to the Kiprengwe school


Our purpose today is to establish ownership of the bikes and an equitable distribution method.

We also wanted to test the bikes and assess the student’s capability to ride.  It was surprising to find that many teachers and students did not know how to ride.  So we had a fun day doing a trial run


See attached video also


Our test day was successful.  Founders of the Bike Project (Kelly and Melissa) were very pleased. The Ceremony and distribution will be in two days when 200 bikes will be given out based on the agreed upon criteria to students and teachers from two schools.



We also saw our new computer lab at the Chepseon school



By the time we got back, the team had completed 90 bikes.  Looks like the team will finish their work tomorrow


There will be some very happy children who can get to school much easier