Thursday, May 9, 2017 – EDGE Trip begins

EDGE is the name of A Better World’s youth division.  EDGE engages high school and University students in humanitarian activities, provides travel and service opportunities. This month three University students and Dr. Adam Kiš, Burman University professor are doing research. All three students are in International Studies in Canada and California. Here is more about their goals written by Spencer Page.

Having now arrived in Nairobi and had the opportunity to explore the city and engage with some of the local culture and wildlife, we are ready to get to work. Over the next two weeks, we will be traveling to several A Better World sites west of Nairobi with Dr Adam Kiš of Burman University. At each site we visit, myself and two other students – Samuelle and Sean – will assist Dr Kiš in collecting data which will enable us to produce comprehensive evaluations of the impact of A Better World’s activities on the communities. This information will not only alert A Better World project managers and staff of instances where projects may be having an unperceived impact (positive or negative), but also to inform the effective planning and implementation of future projects. It is vitally important to be aware of the ways development projects affect the communities in which they are introduced and I hope that through our service, we can provide A Better World and its supporters with new and valuable insights into their projects.

Pictures will be on tomorrows blog.