Thursday, November 13, 2014 – Three medical clinics in Ndanai, Rehab group meets up with us and seeing the new water system in Ikonge

It was a hectic day for 37 members of the medical team.  Three clinics were held today in the Ndanai community.  A rehab team of six have been working there with the disabled children and we met up with them today. It was fantastic to see the progress.

Wanda Jackson, Karen Hill, Team Leader, Amy Schumacher, Kelsey Waisanen, Mona Wells, Pediatric Physiotherapist, Joanne Rowland explaining the progress and needs to the doctors.


Gideon recovering after he was run over by a train and had his legs cut off


Can you imagine this – Samuel learning to type with an improvised head lamp that has a stick attached so he can type with his head.  This is what occupational therapists can come up with


Having Mona Wells, a pediatric Physiotherapist, is a dream come true said other team members.

She can create an effective rehab program for children in Ndanai.


Teaching parents to “play” (exercise)  with the children is a very important part of therapy.


The Medical team were overwhelmed but got through over 200 patients today.


Patients waiting to be seen.


Finding meds for all of the people waiting is a challenge. Everybody has a job.


A small group of us went to Ikonge to see the new classrooms under construction by Mike and Sandi Gouchie family of Lacombe.


Melissa Kirchhoff and Daniel Thomas who partnered on the Ikonge water project were on hand to see the water system.



We ended the day with a Birthday celebration for Charlotte and Mona.


Band played African music.


And taught us some African dancing.