Thursday, October 23, 2014 – Great celebrations, abandoning the vans and other happenings…

“What an adventure today” is  how Lorna Moller described the day our first visit was to open the new classrooms at Male Primary School funded by the group that is here.

MP of the area, Governor and other dignitaries came to support the opening of the classrooms.


Rick Wiebe project manager for this area has done a great job with the help of Charles


Peter and Kathy Lacey represents the donors and cut the ribbon


The celebrations and speeches began


In the afternoon we left for Segera Mission.  We abandoned the vans as the roads were bad and got into this “bedford” truck.


At Segera we toured the new classrooms and the great agriculture program that has been started


Inside the classroom Don Bell (co-founder of WestJet) and Roxane answer questions about flying


Bev White having a great time with kids


Agriculture is really doing well at Segera


Team is full of questions and Rick is full of answers


We ended our day with a great discussion on the projects we saw and how we can improve them. Kathy Lacey  was leading out. Each person completes a questionnaire for each night


It was a very long day for all.