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Tribute to Dr. Ken Hill

Dr. Ken Hill, the man who inspired Eric and who launched the first ABW project in Kenya, passed away yesterday in Salmon Arm, BC. He began our first disabled children’s surgery and rehabilitation program in Kendu Bay. It was during Eric’s first visit to see his work that Dr. Hill taught him that money alone cannot solve the problems of this world—you need people with commitment, dedication, and skill to make a long-term difference. Yesterday, Eric arrived in Kenya—28 years after Dr. Hill began the work—to work in Kendu Bay over Christmas to improve the surgery and rehabilitation program with a group of surgeons. Although the timing is coincidental, we can’t think of a better way to honour Dr. Hill’s legacy. His son Dr. Kelvin Hill (dentist, ABW Dental Service Director) and his daughter Karen Leung (physiotherapist, ABW Rehab Service Director) continue to work with the same inspiring energy and passion as their father. Our condolences to Ken’s wife Hazel and the Hill family. Together we grieve the passing of an inspiring man and reflect with gratitude on the life that he led in service to others.

Ken and his daughter Karen


Ken and Hazel Hill receiving the 2015 ABW Citizen of the Year Award (with Pastor Ron and Nicole Sydenham)


Ken in Kendu Bay during the early years of the project