Trip Bulletins

08.17.14 Kenya Trip Bulletin: Thank you for responding/HCP forms/Ebola Fact sheet

Hello Team

Thank you very much for responding to my e mail and meeting the deadlines.  Just about everyone has confirmed and we have 30 people on the trip. Two more nurses have called and we will await their decision. We will also have a team of 6 Physiotherapists whom we will meet at certain points on our travel.

Deryl has asked me to send a reminder to all the Health Care Professionals (HCP) on the trip.

Please send us the two HCP forms with the waiver and registration form if you have not done so.  This reminder is for the health care team members only.  The forms are on the website in Package 1.

Forms at 

I have also posted an EBOLA Fact sheet as it pertains to Kenya from the world Health Organization (WHO).   It is a relief to many country leaders that WHO has finally declared this a world-wide emergency.  This allows countries to put many of the measures recommended by the WHO and countries can now be held legally accountable if they do not follow the WHO mandate. Amsterdam, London, Kenya, Dubai where flights connect from West Africa have put in place recommendations that will make it much safer for passengers to connect.

The fact sheet and other updates are available at this link

Thanks once again.  Eric

From the Archives –  Medical clinic at EAMO 2013


08.12.14 Kenya Trip Bulletin: Deadline for booking your flight is fast approaching

Hello Team,

We have a wonderful team coming together and it was nice to see most of the team at our orientation.

Some deadlines are fast approaching so I wanted to be sure we are all on the same page.

Almost all of you have now contacted us and made your flight plans.  We are thankful that KLM not only gave us an incredible price for our flights but also have extended the payment dates a few times.  Now, that tourism is picking up again, we need to move a little quicker to ensure that we have our confirmed seats at the $1520 group price.

Here is what you need to do:

a)    If you still have not made your final flight plans please contact Julie at 403-782-0325 or e mail her at and let her know of your plans.

b)    By August 25, we must have in your account sufficient funds to pay for the group airfare of  $1520. If you are not travelling with  the group your individual price for the airfare must be in your account.  Our agent will send you your individual price.  i.e. people who are leaving early or staying in Amsterdam will have a different price. So please ensure you have sent the funds or you have a credit card on file with Julie by August 25.

c)     Also on September 4 we need to have ½ of the ground costs ( hotels/ vans/ Meals etc.) in your account to send the deposits to the hotels in Kenya.

The Airfare will be non-refundable once the tickets are issued.  After August 25, KLM will not hold any unpaid seats or offer the same price. If  you have airfare cancellation insurance you may be eligible for refunds.  Insurance and coverage can be obtained from our travel agent – 403-782-6160. There are many restrictions and it is usually only for medical reasons that you may get a refund if you had insurance.  We have a good insurance package for your medical coverage while you are on the trip and it is included in the price.

If you have booked your flights (without going through our agent) please send us a copy of the itinerary and the receipt so we can issue you a tax receipt.

Please Remember to complete the registration form and the Liability release form and  fax it to 1-888-296-9721

Julie is back now so please write or call her with questions as I am on the road and will have limited access to e mail.

Thanks again so very much for your dedication and support.


08.04.14 Kenya Trip Bulletin: An Important Date and Updates… Win 1000 Kenya Shillings

Hello Team

Time for another Trip Bulletin.  We have a wonderful team now coming together of 25 people – both medical and non-medical support team.  Plans are well under way. We are looking forward to sharing the plans with you and meeting as many as we can on Wednesday, August 6 at 7 PM for a group orientation meeting.

We will meet at suite 32 – 4917 48 Street Red Deer ( Advanced Systems office).  If you are unable to join us you can call in on Toll Free: 1-877-385-4099 when prompted enter 47353# and you can join the conversation.

Many updates to the trip have been posted on this link. If you can review these updates before the meeting it can be helpful.

When you click on the above link you will see several new subject lines as shown below. Then click on “continue reading” for details.

• Package 1 – we have made some minor changes to our daily activities that you can read here
• Trip Bulletins – copies of all past trip bulletins we have sent out. Those who joined us later will want to get caught up
• Learn about the 2014 trip  –  a power point on what we will be talking about on Wednesday
• Learn more about our medical program  – is a short video featuring the medical clinics

One of the hotels we will be staying in is shown below:  What is the name of this hotel? The first three correct answers will win 1000KSH each.



07.28.14 Kenya Trip Bulletin: Trip Orientation date: Wednesday, August 6 at 7 PM

We have an excellent group of medical and support team traveling with us.  We have a group of 23 who have registered –  many past travellers are joining us and we are pleased to see many new ones as well.  Thank you for making this commitment to serve people in need.

Please ensure that you have called Karen at Lacombe Travel to confirm you itinerary.  If you are making your own booking please make sure you arrive in Nairobi on Wednesday, November 5, no later than 8 PM.

Our next big date is for an orientation so we can  meet each other and learn more about the trip and know our mission. You will see pictures of our hotels and get information on vaccinations.   Please have your registration and liability release form signed and sent in before orientation.


Date: Wednesday, August 6
Time: 7 PM
Place: 34-4917 48 Street, Red Deer.
Phone Cindy: 403-505-9794 ;

 Please let us know if you cannot attend so we can provide you with the information.

Thanks very much

07.15.14 – Kenya Trip News Bulletin: Deadline approaching for the low airfare

We are pleased to see that two more have confirmed and two more are showing serious interest. Thank you for your willingness to reach out and share your skills. We are approaching a deadline for our low airfare and we need to act immediately.

1.     Please call Karen at 403-782-6160 if you have not confirmed the seat.  The seats will be held until the 20th at the low airfare.

2.    If you are not planning on going please let me know so you don’t have to get these e mails reminding you !!

 We have a great group of 14 who have either registered or expressed serious interest.  We will wait a few more days before giving up any seats.

The latest information package is posted so please take a look by clicking the link below.

Thanks again. I am in Tanzania exploring projects including opportunities for medical work.

07.10.14 – Kenya Trip News Bulletin: Action Needed on Airfare Booking

Hello Medical Team,

We are needing to take advantage of  the special airfare we have received from KLM. We need to move towards confirming some seats.  Please call or e mail Karen at Lacombe Travel at 403-782-6160 or please write to her at Advantage Lacombe Travel ( requesting you wish to put aside a seat. Please complete registration and liability form on the web go under trips at

We are short two people to qualify for group rate so please let others know. You don’t need to make a deposit now but confirm a seat first.

Our correct dates for the trip:  Depart Canada on November 4 and arrive back in Canada on November 20.

You may have seen a date of November 19 as arrival but there are no direct flights to Calgary from Amsterdam. The correct dated are posted on the web.

If you have questions on payment forms please call Julie at 403-782-0325

On hotels what to bring etc. Please call Cindy at 403-340-8677 (Home).

We will plan for an orientation when we can all meet together.

I have been in Kenya and have scoped out some exciting new locations  and hotels for our mission.

Thanks for confirming your seats with Karen.

06.17.14 Kenya Medical Team 2014 – Trip information

Hello friends,

Many of you are aware that Dr. Ray and Deryl Comeau are unable to lead the medical trip due to a health set back.   We regret this and are hoping and praying for a positive outcome for Deryl.  They will continue to work with us in putting together a great team. They may have already contacted you but they have also given me your contact so I am sending you some additional information.

We are thankful that a leadership team has come together to lead the medical team.  Drs. Wayne Church and Paulette Comeau and Dr. Len and Barbara Wade have agreed to be on the leadership side as they have been on several medical trips.  We also have a great team of non- medical volunteers to lead in the other activities.  I will also be with you to coordinate the logistics and support the trip. Our long term friend and Kenyan Clinical officer Juma will travel and work with us in the clinics.

The best dates we have for a good airfare, available seats and a good connection is departing on Tuesday, November 4 and arriving in Canada on Thursday, November 20. The airfare with KLM is CDN$1520 return with taxes.

We will supply the ground costs and other details of the trip in the next 2 days.

Would you please consider being part of this team or if you know of anyone who may be interested  would you please pass this message on to them.   We would appreciate if you can let us know of your interest as soon as possible so we can provide additional information to you.

Prior to your trip I will be in Kenya and Rwanda  with another group of 25 people and then meet you on arrival. 10 of the 25 are going to Rwanda for the Gorilla Trekking. Some of you may wish to join us for this portion and then meet up with the medical team.

There is concern about the recent incident in Kenya.  I sent out a news bulletin to the other group this morning so please see below.  I am leaving for Kenya with a small teaching team next week and will report further on this matter from there.

News Bulletin:

Hello friends, ( This is for a group that is going on October 20)

As of today we have 25 people confirmed and most have made their bookings and paid a deposit.  As Kathy Lacey and I went over the confirmed list of travelers, we realized the group is looking like an engaged, energetic, fun loving group.  Thanks very much for your participation.

As it happens, more times than we like, whenever a trip is in the works there arises an incident that causes concerns for all of us.  Here  are 3 questions Kathy and I need to answer for you today and throughout the trip.

1.     Are you concerned about safety? Yes, we are always concerned about the safety of every one we take on trips.  That is always our TOP priority from the time we plan a trip and until we come back.  Every angle is looked at and security matters reviewed frequently. From taking over 2500 people to Kenya and other parts of the world we are aware that if we worry about this everyday then we will not enjoy the trip.  We will not put you in harm’s way.

2.    How do you manage the security? Our key to safety is our people’s advice who are on the ground. We listen to them and have contact for every 50KM of our road trip.  We are so well connected to every community that we work in that the local people are your best source of information and protection.   We know what areas to avoid and when not to travel.  Our drivers have a very close ear to the ground.  We are in close touch with the MP for each area of our travel and I have contacted them for their advice.  In a nutshell, once we leave Nairobi our areas are very safe. However, we will continue to monitor the situation.  The recent attack was in an area completely isolated from where we will be.  It is a jungle area and I was within 100KM of that village with my entire family several weeks ago.

3.    What alternate plans do you have? Because Nairobi is the hub of East Africa and more than 10,000 UN workers live and work in Nairobi, all major areas are well protected and daily security bulletins are issued by the UNSO which we will be reviewing.  There is travel advisory for most African countries year around so don’t be alarmed by that.  We have Tanzania as a great option for Safari and we will be beginning work there as early as next month and can experience great safaris and humanitarian work.  Interestingly, I was  asking the travel agent to set aside seats for a group of 20 medical volunteers to travel after our trip and the planes are full for Kenya and we have had to find other dates.  That is an indication that the incidents are confined to certain areas.  I will keep you informed.

I am leaving for Kenya and Tanzania in one week. I will be with a small teaching team and will be visiting all of the places where we plan to be in the fall.  Last month my whole family and I with 31 students traveled all over Kenya. At the end of the trip our family with my wife’s brother, sister and  mother extended our trip to Lamu and even to Mkowe which is  100KM from where the latest incident took place.  We never felt unsafe and the local people were with us. I am saddened that so many lives depend on tourism and our humanitarian efforts and such incidents cause so much pain to many local people.

 I will keep in touch.  Eric