Tuesday, February 14, 2017 – Seed Savers Network and Gilgil Primary School

This morning we met with Evalyn, a social worker from Gilgil who is involved in many areas. She briefed us on the projects we were about to visit and told us a little bit about what she does in the community.

Our first visit was to an organization called Seed Savers Network, made up of a team of agriculturists who provide training, grafted avocado plants, and more.

We then went to visit one of the groups that has benefited from the organization. They told us about the need for water during this drought and how the lack is preventing them from achieving their goals.

The last stop for the day was Gilgil Township Primary School, one of our newest projects in Kenya.

We were able to speak to the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, and a board member who is also a parent to Susan, a student in Grade 8. They told us just how much of an impact the 6 newly-renovated classrooms have been to their school. There are still 2 dilapidated blocks of classrooms on the site, and the difference between the old and new are incredible. Not only are the old buildings hazardous, but the wind also floods the rooms with dust because of the broken dirt floors. Peter, the Headteacher, told us that the next priority is a feeding program, provided that it is sustainable to last for years to come. If the school was able to offer lunch to the students, their attendance would improve drastically. Often, these children will not get lunch even if they go home to the nearby slum where they live. Peter emphasized that it is very difficult for these students to concentrate when they are so hungry.