Tuesday, July 1, 2014 – Mother locks up 3 children in the house and walks away

Last night Keith Leavitt and I arrived in Nairobi in a fully loaded  747 from Amsterdam. In spite of news reports of violence, the planes are landing full of tourists wanting to explore Kenya.

This morning we hit the road early to visit projects in Nakuru.  Our first stop was at St. Ann Baby and Children’s Home.

We were pleased to announce that 2 new classrooms, a dining area and a kitchen will be built.  Thanks to Wayne Neufeld and his family from Lacombe, Alberta who are making this possible.  Keith Leavitt, ABW board member, extended the good news to Irene, the founder of the home. What a great gift to give on Canada Day that will impact hundreds of lives forever.


We were introduced to the newest arrivals at this orphanage. They are all from one family: Rosie, Morgan and Daniel are settling in nicely with a lot of friends, love and care around them.  The mom, unable to care for them, locked them up in a room and left the area.  On hearing cries at night, the neighbours looked into it and called the police.  No doubt a decision like this must have been very hard for the mother to make.  We don’t know of all the reasoning and struggles this mother may have faced.  Her ultimate decision may have been that she felt that someone else can care better for her children.

So here they are in a new home together with each other, new friends and family.  If you want to help them let us know.


We proceeded to EAMO to see more children.  There now 245 children in care.

We gave out gifts from their sponsors and friends from Canada.


The newly expanded dining room is well used by the children for many activities.