Tuesday, July 2, 2013 – Travel day to Kericho

Our group today is in so many different directions.

I left  with the latecomers to Nakuru and Kericho and dropped off Jacobsons who will spend a night in Nakuru. Keith and I headed to Kericho to meet up with the Lethbridge teachers.  Candi and Ronda and the Jacobsons will meet us in Kericho tomorrow and we will all be together.  The Galloway team is now far away from us and hopefully they will be writing also.

The Jacobson family and Keith Leavitt with our drivers


We stopped for a boat ride o Lake Naivasha to see Hippos and Giraffes


A stop to see children at St. Ann’s





We met up with the Lethbridge Teachers and after our meeting they repacked their teaching materials.  Twenty individual bags were made for teachers attending the teacher training program.