Tuesday, July 8, 2014 – Traveled miles through the jungles…

Today was a scoping day for me – looking for clinics to build and train local workers, places for our medical team to work in the fall, and look for hotels near our work site.  It was a very long day; I had no idea how much jungle there is around here.  We visited the Olkoroi clinic.  No one would know that there was a clinic in this jungle!!  The clinic serves 10,000 people. Some walk from as far away as 12 KM to get here.


The next clinic is Oloolaimuta in the heart of Sopa Centre.  Juma volunteers here.  This was unbelievable.  A pregnant lady had traveled 70 KM on a motorbike from Tanzania.  This clinic is the only clinic for at least 15,000 people and today it was packed with moms and babies. This is run by a local church.  They saw the need in the community and put up the building.

The building is now crumbling and it has no delivery room – In fact there are only 2 rooms.



I also saw a very nice dental clinic founded by Dr. Domaso of Loma Linda University. He pioneered this work. There is a dentist  from the USA year-round so this is permanently open. Today I met up with Dr. Mark Porco from Sacramento, CA.  He is here with his family for two weeks.  This is in a beautiful facility with the latest equipment and, yes, in the middle of the jungle.


I traveled through a lot of jungle with virtually no road.  It was an exciting day.

Keith visited two more schools today in Kericho.  He reported that Ringa, the first school we built, ranked # 1 this year in the region. I will share his full report tomorrow.