Tuesday, June 4, 2013 – Kenya Project Representatives meet for training and dialogue

Most of my day was spent today with our Kenyan Project Representatives.   I invited one of  groups to come to Nairobi and spent today going over their projects.  We discussed issues of how to send in proper payment requests and reports.  We also trained some on them on the use of Excel and general computers.  We discussed water issues and new ideas on making our own bricks for building.  They also gave input on how we can improve our services.

Archie Mac Niven ( in White  hair!) is from Scotland and now lives in Kenya and retried from the UN. He had been corresponding with me on helping with water and brick making,  He has several businesses and has a desire to give back to the community.  He was in attendance to talk to our reps from the villages. If his system works he can drill the shallow wells for families.


Making contacts and renewing relationships is  the main focus while I am in Nairobi

Dan Opon, Asst. Director of Immigration is an important ally.


Now Joseph and Beatrice Limo as MP have a home in Nairobi. We worked through the future projects in Kenya and his involvement through the government.


Azalea and her friends have to move from their apartment.  Their host for their internship has great concerns about where they are staying for security reasons. So the search for a new place has begun